Thursday, 3 December 2015

Perfect Beach Days

Hey Guys,

I have been in Hawaii for 5 days now and I have been loving every minute of it.  The weather is beautiful and is at a consistent 27 degrees everyday but feels about 30 degrees with the humidity! I couldn't ask for more perfect weather to start (and hopefully finish) my holiday with.

These first 5 days have been a lot of shopping, with us going to the outlet stores and Alo Moana to get some great sales.  My bank account is certainly crying at the moment but I just can't resist.  A lot of the high end brands have become very affordable with 30% of items already reduced over 50%.

As you can see - I couldn't resist!

I have bought some really fabulous pieces which I really love and can see myself wearing all the time in Australia!  I also splurged on some Victoria's Secret and PINK items because, who goes to America and NOT go any buy anything?  I purchased a fabulous pink and black polka dot robe which is so so so soft and I will never take it off once I get home and I also got myself some PINK Tracksuit pants which again are so comfortable and are LONG ENOUGH - something I have struggled to find in both Australia and Hawaii.

Alongside all this shopping I also have been spending time by the pool, lagoon and beach just relaxing, resting my feet and working on my tan (which mainly means I burn a bit :\).  I took the opportunity to take some scenic shots of Waikiki beach and lagoon because it was too beautiful not to capture on camera and share!  The water is a little bit cool which makes it hard to get in but once you are in it is fantastic, we have bought blow up ring so that we can float around, get some sun and not have to put in too much effort swimming!

 The beautiful view of Dimond Head Crater

 The man-made lagoon at the hotel - great to practice my stand-up paddle boarding skills

I obviously had to get a shot of me clearly enjoying the great weather and great view.  I am looking forward to a couple more days of shopping and enjoying the hotel amenities and beach before we move on the the other side of the Island to the DISNEY RESORT!! Yeah, I know I'm 17 and still want to go to Disney themed resorts - but can you really blame me!

I'll keep up to date with my adventures as I will be climbing Dimond Head tomorrow and doing some more relaxing.

Thanks for reading,
Emma Louise xx

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