Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Up Dimond Head I Go!

Hey Guys,

While over here in Waikiki, Hawaii I felt I needed to break the bad habit of eating lots and sitting around on the beach by going out in the early morning and hiking up Dimond Head, a well known Hawaiian volcano - DON'T WORRY, it is not active!

So, 5:30am, Riptide by Vance Joy played loudly through our hotel room as we prepared to get up and get prepared for the walk ahead.  We were on the road by 5:45 as we had to be at the to by 6:50 to see the sunrise - and as you will soon see in pictures, it was very much so worth the early rise and (i think) reasonable challenging walk.

The walk itself was not necessarily difficult but there were factors contributing - please note it is pretty much pitch black at 6:00am in the morning in Hawaii in combination with a very rocky and busy walking trail made for a difficult walk. There was also a bit of pressure to keep up a fast pace which meant I was very puffed very quickly and struggled with the roughly 100 stairs I had to climb to get to the top - HOWEVER - the view and sunrise made up for the exhausting walk!

This was the view as we arrived, and you can see the sun peeking over the horizon ready to start the warm day. Again, the weather is still beautiful, and fingers crossed it stays this way as I enter the second week of vacation which is more laying around on the beach.

Once the sun began to rise, I tried to channel my inner photographer and try my very best to get some good indi shots to post on instagram and obviously on the blog for you guys.

Tried my best to get a good panorama - and I'm pretty happy with the results
This is a great view out to the ocean

Here you can see the view of the mountains with the newly risen sun creating some beautiful lighting (great for the gram) 

And another shot just of the straight sunrise - pretty proud of my photography if I do say so myself!

Now, after this is all done it is still only 7:15am and the shops don't open until 9:30am which means not only am I starving as we didn't eat anything before hand, but we also have quite a bit of time to kill before our day really begins.  Once we made it back to Waikiki we hunted down a cute cafe where we found some healthy and yummy breakfast - were I HAD to take those tragic food shots we all secretly love haha!!!

We have currently re-located and are now at the Disney Resort which is amazing, very relaxing and it is nice to flash back to your childhood with all the Disney characters walking around.  

Only a few more days left here in Hawaii, and will most definitely utilise them by laying on the beach, stand-up paddle boarding and enjoy the fresh Hawaiian foods.

Talk to you guys soon,
Emma Louise xx

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