Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 - In Review

Hey Guys,

2015 is fast approaching its end - in fact it will end in t-minus 5 hours and 33 minutes as of right now.    Looking back 2015 was the best year yet, I know I don't have too many years under my belt but in a world through the eyes of a 17 year old - it was pretty damn good.  This is a no frills post, just an honest reflection of some of my poignant moments of 2015.

I'm just going to go on a bit of a 'review' of my year, so you can get an insight into how my year went but also so I can look back and remember why I loved 2015 so much.  It wasn't a smooth sail into 2015 and there were a couple bumps along the way, I lost a much loved family member this year which was something which really affected me and still continues todo so 9 or so months down the line.  The world goes round and doesn't stop for anyone so you have to pick yourself up and keep on going, and that is what I did.

2015 was my final year in secondary schooling,  I prepared to sit my trial exams which handed back a surprising and concerning result.  The trial exams did not reflect how I had developed through school or reflected the knowledge which I obtain, but none the less it again did not stop me as I powered through the year.  By the time I got to my HSC exams, I felt confident, prepared and ready to confront the final obstacle which stood between me and the beginning of the rest of my life.  I ended up being very successful in my results and cannot believe that I was able to achieve what I did, I do believe that it was through prayer, family support and dedication that I achieved my marks.

In between all the school work, I had manage the lose a few friends but I gained more than I lost.  I got rid of toxic people out of my life and focused on improving the relationships with those who I found to be important to me.  Those girls know who they are and I doubt they will read this but I would not have survived my final year without them.  Some I saw everyday and others I saw every now and again when they were free but they all were my rock and support, crying with me when I needed but more often than not laughing at a joke or semi-crying over our english texts - I don't think I can ever look at a copy of 'Mrs Dalloway' again without it making me want to cry!! But it is the friends that have stayed true and caring during the difficult time are the girls that I want to maintain in   my life post school as they are more than just a friend, they are my inspiration and they make me want to be a better person.

During 2015 I was able to make more choices about who I was and what I believe in, and it was this year that I chose to embrace my religion more and listen to what was being said at church and what my religion was really teaching.  I grew closer to my community and they offered a source of support during the year and I was also able to become more involved through becoming an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion.

I also got a job which I am more than excited about as I will be able to earn my own source of income and start saving money for when I want to travel. Speaking of travel I was also lucky enough to travel to Hawaii, USA at the end of the year to relax and celebrate the hard work of 2015 and gave me the ability to reflect upon the highs and lows of 2015.

I am excited as to what 2016 will hold and the challenges and opportunities that are waiting for me.  I'll address resolutions in a separate post as I have quite an opinion on them but also some that I want to set myself because why not make 2016's motto 'New Year New Me' like I do every year - but actually stick to it this time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this but I'm really happy with the way 2015 is ending.  As one chapter draws to a close another one is just beginning to be written and I'm really excited about that prospect.

Don't party too hard tonight,
Emma Louise x

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